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Cold Storage

Cool Running International provides cold storage solutions for warehouse/grocery stores, food processing facilities, warehouse distribution centers, and public cold storage. We design, build and service for varying project sizes.

Industries served include –
•   Retail Grocery
From the neighborhood grocery to the largest Big-Box stores, we design and install complete packages, from point-of-sale cabinets, deli-counters, produce and dairy coolers, meat freezers, bakeries, and butcher shops. Including, overstock storage facilities to support these areas.
•   Food Processing
Whether processing and packaging beef, poultry, dairy or produce, our design and installation teams will provide innovative, state-of-the-art refrigeration systems that emphasize production efficiency and food safety.
•   Warehouse Distribution
From Pre-Design, to Construction and Start-up, our experience with installation of Cool/Cold Room Storage allows us to meet all sizes of warehouse refrigeration needs.
•   Commercial Growers
Our team understands the growing demand for a certified cold storage chain across the globe and can help meet those needs with cost-effective and energy efficient solutions.

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Energy Management

Cool Runnings is a premier provider of climate controls, facility control systems, and HVAC system controls.

Our system control specialists can design and install a management system tailored to specific needs, drastically cutting energy costs. From simple, integrated "smart thermostats," to ultimate management systems that fully monitor and control lighting, refrigeration, security and HVAC. Our Energy Management System (EMS) control energy costs, allowing customers to meet the objective of reducing total energy use.
Energy Management Systems play a key role by monitoring and maintaining temperature, humidity, and lighting. An EMS results in an elevated customer experience and satisfaction, increased employee productivity, and reduction of product spoilage. Monitoring and controls of refrigeration equipment in food storage areas provides energy efficiency and extends life-expectancy of equipment.

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Refrigeration Installation

Projects completed by CRI includes installation of Point-of-Sales refrigeration cases, meat and produce preparation rooms, and various sizes of overstock storage rooms.

Cool Runnings International prides itself in being a premier provider of equipment and systems meeting cold storage needs. From Design, Engineering, Planning, Construction and Start-up, our team can take you from conception to actuality, while providing quality systems that are energy efficient, utilizing industry-leading technology, and taking into account future expansion.
Our construction team builds overstock cooler/freezer rooms of all sizes designed to meet specific customer needs. And our renovation team can bring your existing coolers up to current industry specifications. Whether your requirements demand a traditional Freon-based system or highly efficient CO2/Ammonia system, Cool Runnings International has the expertise to help.
We understand that on-time delivery and installation of refrigeration systems are vitally important to the success of our customer's project. We also understand the energy savings potential of quality building materials, including thermal doors, and insulated metal wall and ceiling panels. Our team of technicians have over 50 years of combined experience in delivering on-budget and on-time systems. Whether constructing new systems or upgrading your existing system, the CRI team is here to meet all of your refrigeration needs with minimal disruption to daily operations.

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Cool Runnings International’s proven expertise assures you are working with experienced professionals that understand the importance of preventative maintenance and training of your staff.

Refrigeration systems require periodic inspection and maintenance to ensure years of trouble-free operation. As a part of the Start-Up phase of your new system, we offer basic preventive maintenance (PM) instruction for your maintenance staff. A comprehensive PM program is also offered, which will ensure your system gets the professional attention it needs to extend equipment life and avoid costly down time.
Cool Runnings International is glad to offer maintenance contracts that provide training, service and/or repairs, customized to your business need.
CRI Maintenance Programs offer:
  • Quarterly Scheduled Service
  • Specialized Service Plan Development
  • Online and On-site System Analyses
  • Equipment Repair or Replacement



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